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Nachhaltigkeit in der Landespolitik
Nationale Information auf der UNESA-Webseite: Division for Sustainable Development

UNESA: Bericht: Natural resource aspects of sustainable development in the Slovak Republic

Bericht des Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) im Auftrag der EU-Kommission: "Requirements and Framework for Environment and Transport Telematics. Country Report: SLOVAKIA", November 1998 (WORD, 780 KB); Auszug: "The state of the environment is indicated by i) the quality of its nature and ii) by its long-term degradation caused by social and economic activities. For the latter, five environmental categories of environmental stress have been established for the Slovak Republic based on related environmental, urban, and hygiene conditions. These are used to rank and zone the entire country. As a result, nine areas inhabited by 39 percent of the population are classified as suffering from a deteriorated and/or heavily deteriorated environment (4th and 5th degree). 44 percent of the population is classified as living in areas with high quality and/or a satisfactory environment (1st and 2nd degree), while 17 percent of the population is considered to be living in a moderately deteriorated environment. These categories are also taken into consideration when permitting/forbidding specific activities and in defining also the quality of Slovak nature."

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